Legend of Bull Demon King/牛魔王传奇

Outline of Programme: The Bull Demon King is the demon king in the Chinese classical novel "Journey to the West", with a bold personality and generous. Self-named Pingtian Great Sage, is the first of the Seven Great Sages. In the whole Journey to the West, bull demon king is extremely powerful, and he is one of the few characters that can match Monkey King by their own force without relying on magic weapons, therefore, they become good friends after the first fight. The Bull Demon is not like other monsters that have a strong backstage. He has a younger brother named Ruyi who is True Immortal. Therefore, it is saying that bull demon comes from a very prosperous family of monsters. At first he cultivated the land and farmed, but later became the king of all monsters. His friends are all over the Three Realms, and he married Iron fan princess. His son Honghaier has three flavors of real fire, and his wife has a banana fan. His abilities are beyond your imagination, and his legend is extraordinary. Among the monsters, he can be regarded as a veritable peerless hero. This is the legend of Bull Demon King.